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Outdoor Lighting

We offer the following low voltage lighting services:

  • Design and installation of low voltage landscape lighting systems

  • Annual maintenance of low voltage lighting systems

  • Troubleshooting and repair of low voltage lighting problems

  • Auditing low voltage lighting systems to determine efficiency and recommending improvements or replacement

  • Replacing incandescent or halogen lamps for compatible fixtures with efficient LED bulbs to reduce electric bills up to 70%

Did you know that low voltage lighting systems with LED lamps save up to 70% on your electricity bills?

Low Voltage Lighting Products

We carry, install and service the following low voltage lighting products:

  • Accent lights

  • In-ground and well lights

  • Path and spread lights

  • Step and deck lights

  • Specialty lights

  • Transformers

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Trusted Brands

Our products are supplied by quality manufacturers including:


Cast Lighting

Vista Professional Outdoor Lighting

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