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Certified Irrigation Contractors and Auditors

With over 25 years of experience, we offer the following irrigation services:

  • Design, supply and installation of watering systems for residential, commercial and industrial properties

  • Auditing irrigation systems and recommending improvements or rebuilding systems to attain levels acceptable to irrigation association standards

  • As per audit results, improve or rebuild irrigation systems to increase efficiency to conserve water

  • Supply and install weather-based efficient smart controllers for water savings of up to 70%

  • Annual services such as start-ups, shutdowns and repairs to all manufacturers’ products

  • Drip watering systems for pots and raised boxes

  • Water systems where water is available without electrical power

  • Irrigation consultancy services

All work is done by certified, trained technicians, and it is supervised by a certified contractor.

Did you know that professionally installed sprinkler systems can save up to 70% on your water bills?

Irrigation Products

We carry, install and service the following sprinkler system equipment:

  • Rotary sprinklers

  • Spray heads

  • Smart controllers

  • Conventional timers

  • Rain sensors

  • Weather stations

  • Other accessories

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Trusted Brands

Our equipment is provided by trusted brands including:



Rain Bird

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