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Certified Irrigation Contractors and Landscape Irrigation Auditors

Landscape Irrigation Systems Inc is a company that specializes in the design, installation and management of irrigation and low voltage lighting systems. We have been serving the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) for over 25 years.

Plants require only a limited amount of water to compensate for moisture loss due to the sun’s heat and to transport nutrients they need for growth. The water that runs down the road, pools on your lawn or percolates beyond the root zone is of no use to your landscape. It does not pay to waste water. It only takes more out of your pocket.

We do not compete to install a system that doesn’t apply the right amount of water at the right time and wastes one of our most precious resources. It would be unethical and, more so, unprofessional.

As certified irrigation contractors, we design systems tailored to meet the needs of your landscape. We use efficient precision nozzles that have a matched application rate of water for areas to be covered. We install drip systems for bushes, trees and narrow areas. We also install smart controllers that determine when to or when not to water after an intelligent interaction with its own weather condition sensors or with another weather data provider. The data obtained is used to calculate the water needs of the landscape, taking into consideration the landscape information supplied by the certified technician.

We do not recommend the conventional timer with which the installer or you have to guess when to water and for how long. Be an informed, smart customer. The future is here already. Water rationing during summer months is going to be the way of the future. Install a smart watering system now and avoid the alteration in the near future.

Call the professionals from Landscape Irrigation Systems Inc to design and install your water smart lawn sprinkler system.

Our expertise extends into low voltage landscape lighting too. First, we design and sell lighting concepts and techniques to achieve the objectives our clients have in mind. Is it security, safety, beauty, usability or all of the above? A good landscape lighting design is one that achieves a visual experience that is uninterrupted when the night scene is viewed from anywhere in the property. The overall appearance of the scene should be one continuous panorama undistracted by “black holes." With a careful choice and placement of fixtures, we create a scene that is dramatic and welcoming. The product we install, however, is a matter of our client’s choice and budget.

Our landscape lighting designer recognizes that a relaxing outdoor environment is achieved by a smooth transition that directs the eye naturally from one area to another. The lighting across the scene should be balanced focal points and architectural creations that are identified and lit properly.

Let us come and present our lighting ideas and show you what can be achieved by lighting your beautiful house and landscape to enhance your night living. We are dedicated and trained to assist you in achieving what you have imagined and visualized for your landscape lighting. We can make your dream a reality.

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